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Why use a locksmith to install electric locks?  Alarm and Security Integration companies, telephone companies, gate installers and your basic door guys don't have a C-28 license to do so!

    Locksmith have been controlling access to buildings by use of keys and locks long before alarm installers, gate builders and door hangers started experimenting in the field of lock installation. 

    We have been specifying, building, repairing, retrofitting and maintaining locks throughout history. We are relied upon for our knowledge of security door hardware and proper application skills to provide customers with the peace of mind that they and their valuables are secure.

    The state of California has recognized that the locksmith needs to be an integral part of building electronic security. That's why the C-28 contractors license specifically includes "electronic access control equipment" in the description of classification in the license.  

    Most alarm, gate and door companies do not have the knowledge to install the proper locking hardware best suited for your doors and access control needs combined.   If you are thinking of installing an access control system for your building, let Aames Lock & Safe Co. specify the hardware for you.  Let the professionals do what they do best...and have the license for!  

C-28 Lock and Security Equipment Contractors License  as defined by the State Contractors License Board: A lock and security equipment contractor evaluates, sets up, installs, maintains, and repairs all doors and door assemblies, gates, locks and locking devices, panic and door closures and releases, jail and prison locking devices and permanently installed or built in safe and vaults. This classification includes but is not limited to master key system, metal window guards, security doors, card activated and electronic access control equipment, motion and other types of detectors and computer system for control and audit of control system and other associated equipment. Fire alarm system are specifically not included in this section.